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Services: Lashes & Brows

Lashes and Brows that Dazzle

Elevate Your Beauty with Expert Styling

Enter the realm of enchantment at Beau Monde West Spa, where “Lashes and Brows that Dazzle” are not just an accessory but a statement. Elevate your beauty with the precision and care of our expert styling. 

Frame Your Eyes with Stunning Lashes and Brows

Your eyes are the windows to your soul, and at Beau Monde West Spa, we believe in framing them with stunning lashes and brows. Our expert stylists enhance your natural features, creating a captivating frame that complements your unique beauty. Prepare to be dazzled by the transformative power of beautifully styled lashes and brows.

Professional Lash Extensions and Brow Shaping

Experience the artistry of professional lash extensions and brow shaping at Beau Monde West Spa.

Our skilled stylists bring precision and expertise to every session, tailoring the extensions and shaping to suit your facial features. The result is a harmonious blend of elegance and allure that accentuates your natural beauty.

assorted color make up brushes

Enhance Your Natural Beauty with Precision and Care

Beauty lies in the details, and at Beau Monde West Spa, we approach every lash and brow with precision and care. 

Our expert stylists take the time to understand your preferences and unique features, ensuring that each meticulous step enhances your natural beauty.

Lashes & Brows Service Offerings

Waking up every day with eyes that captivate. With our expert lash and brow styling, enjoy effortless style without the need for extensive daily routines.

Lifting and Tinting


Brow Tinting, $22
Lash Tinting, $27

Lash Lift


Lash Lift/Tint


Lamination and Tinting

Brow Lamination

45 min

Brow Lamination, Tint, and Wax

60 min

Brow and Lash Renew Package

90 min
Includes lash lift/tint, brow wax, tint and lamination

Beauty Bar

Makeup Application

Let our pros go to work accentuating your beautiful features!

Special Occasion Makeup Application

Includes lashes

Bridal Makeup

Includes consultation and wedding day applications. Payment is required at time of consultation.

Lash Extensions


120 min


120 min


120 min

Lash Fill


1 week (30-45 minutes), $55
2 weeks (45-60 minutes), $75
3 weeks (60-75 minutes), $95

Book your expert styling session today and let your eyes become the masterpiece that defines your unique beauty.